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Announced a national emergency is being sued Trump: confident to win

China News, February 17th Comprehensive report, after US President Trump announced the state of emergency on the 15th to obtain funds for the construction of the border wall, the lawsuit came one after another, and at least two lawsuits have been filed. According to the report, the two lawsuits are only the beginning, and many political organizations have vowed to challenge Trump's decision. Trump said he is ready, and he wants his government to be treated fairly and confidently to win.

It is reported that just a few hours after Trump signed the order, on the evening of the 15th local time, Free Progress non-profit organization and think tank Public Citizen filed a federal lawsuit in Washington, DC, which also included three landlords in Texas. Their land is located along the southern border and they were told that if the wall was funded this year, their land would be confiscated to build the border wall. The lawsuit alleges that Trump's declaration of a state of emergency exceeds the power he has been granted and is an obvious violation.

The president has no innate power to declare a state of emergency, surpassing the appropriations and other laws enacted by Congress, and his power to declare a state of emergency is defined and restricted by regulations. Since there was no national emergency on immigration at the southern border, the president's announcement exceeded the limited power that the president was granted.

Another lawsuit was filed in Washington, DC by the well-known government oversight organization, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, but the lawsuit is primarily directed at the Ministry of Justice and is subject to an emergency order under the Freedom of Information Act. Content is centered. The Freedom of Information Act is an administrative regulation on the openness of federal government information.

The organization believes that the Trump administration refuses to disclose information about whether he has a legal authority to declare a state of emergency, including communications from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Defence. Americans should be aware of the real basis for Trump's emergency power to pay for the unprecedented decision on the border wall. Noah Bookbinder, executive director of the organization, said in a statement that we sued because the government has so far failed to provide the required documents and Their delay provides an explanation.

The report said that the two lawsuits only started, and many political organizations have vowed to challenge Trump's decision. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said on the 15th that it plans to sue early next week.

As the President himself admitted in his speech at the Rose Garden, there is no national emergency. He was just impatient and frustrated with Congress and decided to 'faster' his commitment to the border wall. Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement that it was an apparently illegal power grab, which hurt The American community defied the iconic checks and balances in our democracy.

Even the California government has said it will sue Trump, Governor Newson said that although California is currently working with federal agencies to counter the threat of drug intrusion, the border wall is not a good solution, most drugs are through the border. When the security checkpoint flows in, the border wall will only waste money, and the money can be successfully opposed to drug smuggling. Newson called Trump's border wall a vanity project, a stupid monument, and a political strategy to blatantly retaliate against House Speaker Pelosi.

I don't want to be President Trump's 'sparring' partner, we want to be a partner, but he ruined the possibility that he played these games and created a crisis and situation so that we have no choice but to sue him. The government, Newson said. Trump, we see you in court. Pelosi and the prosecutors of several Democratic states have said that it is likely that the Trump administration will be brought to court.

And Trump said he is ready. He expects that these lawsuits will be filed in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal and will eventually appeal to the Supreme Court. He hopes his government will be treated fairly and confidently to win.

The White House said on the 15th that it announced that the state of emergency and other measures brought nearly 8 billion yuan, far more than the 5.7 billion that Trump originally requested. Trump plans to use the funds to build 234 miles. Long border wall.

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