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Korean media: North Korean officials go to Hanoi, Vietnam to prepare for the "Golden Special Meeting"

Reference News Network reported on February 17 According to foreign media reports, an informed source said that a senior North Korean official arrived in Hanoi on February 16 to check the final details of the second Golden Gate.

Yonhap News Agency reported on February 16 that the source said that Kim Jong-un, the head of the secretary of Kim Jong-un, and more than a dozen other officials arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam on the morning of February 16. The second Golden Special Conference is scheduled to be held in Hanoi from 27th to 28th.

According to the source, Jin Changshan went to Hanoi to visit the Vietnamese government hotel and met with senior Vietnamese officials who had recently visited North Korea.

The Vietnamese Foreign Minister visited North Korea earlier this week. Then, Jin Changshan made a visit to Vietnam. During the first meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore in June 2018, Kim Chang-sam was responsible for the protocol work.

There are less than two weeks since the second summit was held. Jin Changshan is expected to check the details of the protocol, security and other arrangements.

Yonhap News Agency reported on February 15 that Kim Chang-seon is the core figure of Kim Jong-un. He was responsible for the DPRK when he held the first Golden Gate in Singapore in June 2018 and held the Korean-DPRK summit in Pyongyang in September of the same year. Concierge work. Jin Changshan also flew to Singapore on the eve of the first Golden Special Conference to see the hotel and meeting place where Kim Jong-un stayed, and held a consultation with the US working group for about 10 days.

US Secretary of State Pompeo has said that she will send a working group to Asia this weekend to prepare for the summit, suggesting that the on-site preparations for the DPRK and the US are about to begin.

The report quoted sources as predicting that the DPRK and the United States would discuss concierge affairs and talks separately, as was the case at the last time. The concierge work was discussed by Kim Chang-seon and the head of the US State Department. The issue of the talks was discussed by the DPRK Council of State's Special Representative for the United States, Kim Hezhe, and the US State Department's Special Representative for the DPRK Policy, Stephen Bacon.

Yonhap News Agency reported on February 16 that according to several sources, US Assistant President and other senior officials arrived in Hanoi on February 15 to prepare for the upcoming second US-DPRK summit.

According to Taiwan Central News Agency reported on February 16th, the Hanoi Public Security Department of Vietnam held a meeting on February 15 to announce the security plan to ensure the second US-DPRK summit was held safely. The security plan of the Hanoi Public Security Bureau aims to ensure the absolute safety of the activities of the leaders of the United States and North Korea and the security of the venue where the summit is held, and to facilitate the participation of delegates and journalists who have reported.

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