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Latvian mobile operators say they will not interrupt cooperation with Huawei 5G

Xinhua News Agency, Riga, Feb. 16 The technical director of Bite, the third largest mobile operator in Latvia, said in the Riga that the company will not interrupt China's Huawei company due to security inspection results. Signed a 5G network cooperation agreement.

Buttens said that mobile network security monitoring has not found any risks so far. The company regularly conducts network security audits with independent experts, and has not received reports from other international partners about the risks that Huawei products may pose to mobile operators' networks and their users.

Buttens pointed out: We plan to test all available devices on the market, choose the best and safest device solutions to integrate into the network and serve our customers.

He added that he is convinced that Huawei will abide by international norms and be accountable to customers, partners and the global community. We have no reason to question Huawei's sincerity.

Latvia Bite is the country's third largest mobile communications operator. In November 2018, the company and Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding on the construction of 5G network infrastructure in Latvia, including the construction of 5G base stations in Riga in 2019 and the development of narrow-band Internet of Things in Latvia.

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