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7 years old, 100 meters, 13 seconds, 48! "The fastest child on the planet" smashes American social networks

In the track and field, almost every Bolt successor has several of the same qualities - 20 years old, 100 meters can run 9 seconds 90, won medals in the international arena.

However, among the many successors around the world, Rudolf Ingram is a special case.

His 100m best result is 13 seconds 48, 60 meters is 8 seconds 69, but it is considered by American track and field fans to be more likely than Coleman and Baker to surpass Bolt. - He is still a 7-year-old child.

In a recent 100-meter competition for children, Ingram ran 13 seconds 48, breaking the national record of 100 meters below the age of 100. And the little boy who already has 6 packs of abdominal muscles said that I can still run faster.

He is a great flame

In fact, before the success of Bolt, Rudolf Ingram had another resounding nickname, Blaze the Great.

This is because his middle name is Blaze, which means flame and flash in English. On the court and on the runway, Rudolf Ingram is really like a flame that no one can extinguish.

Ingram's father is an American football coach, so from the age of 4, Ingram has begun to receive formal physical and strength training.

Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, those repeated sprints and barbells that are almost as thick as the arms are a torment for a 4-year-old child, but Ingram not only accepts all the arrangements of his father, but also enjoys it.

According to the Washington Post, Little Ingram has won 36 medals in the past two AAU Athletics Championships, including 20 gold medals.

After half a year ago, his performance on the 100-meter track was still 14 seconds 59, but now, after more rigorous training, he has improved his performance by more than 1 second and broke the 100-meter record for children under 8 in the United States. - 13 seconds 69 created by a child named Nolan Hickman in 2011.

At that time, that grade was considered by many American media to be a record that was difficult to break in the past 15 to 20 years.

However, Ingram rewrote history.

More importantly, even if he seems to have a promising future on the track, even with the aura of Bolt's successor, Ingram has only one goal in his eyes - to become an NFL superstar.

Since childhood, under the guidance of his father, Ingram was a supernova of American football. When he played for the Tampa Bay Ravens in the children's American football club last season, he was able to face 10 darlings who were older than him and became the season MVP.

I am proud to say that my son may be the fastest in all 7-year-olds in the world. Old Ingram hopes that his son will become the all-around running back of the 2028 youth team of the Tampa Bay Ravens. The most important thing is that this is the reward of his hard training.

Sports Reds with 350,000 fans

Not to mention whether Ingram can continue to be the fastest of its peers in the world, but at least his abilities have been recognized by the United States, and even become a net red.

February 12, when Ingram ran 13 seconds 48, his fans on social networks had reached 300,000; and when the world media reported his story, just two days later. Time, the 7-year-old Bolt successor has more than 350,000 fans, and is still growing rapidly.

Father told me that spiritual victory precedes physical victory. Before the game started, I was the first.

This is a piece of text that Ingram released with a sprinting photo on social networks. From a linguistic point of view, this passage transcends the mind of a 7-year-old child, and in fact, this is actually the state of social networking that his father, Ingram, released for him.

At present, Old Ingram is taking care of the various social networks of this small network. In his father's words, he is my son, and I am his manager, his coach, his photographer, his full-time driver, and his personal assistant...

If more than 300,000 fans are not enough to explain Ingram's network redness, then LeBron James and NFL star Devon Hearst are eager to pay attention to him, which is enough to illustrate the child's influence. force.

James said, my God, his ability to change direction is simply professional, and when he changed direction, he has changed the ball to the correct body, which is more amazing than his speed.

Future sports stars? Father only wants him to be happy

Ingram's red burst also attracted a lot of controversy. Many netizens questioned his father's muscles when he was only six or seven years old, and even had six lines of obvious abdominal muscles. Violation of normal human laws may even ruin your child's future sports career.

However, Old Ingram did not care about the accusations of so many others.

In the recent period, Old Ingram released a son's academic transcript in February on social networks, with a paragraph of text, working hard in both the classroom and the sports field.

Ingram's achievements at Kahuen Elementary School in Tampa can be said to be quite good: science, computer theory, music and sports all have A, language arts, social studies and art have B.

What to do in the future? Or just be a scientist who designs rockets. In the face of doubts, the old Ingram is very calm, if you can enter the NFL or the Olympic 100 meters final, it is naturally gratifying, but if not, you can have a good life.

Old Ingram's cultivation of his son is indeed all-round. In addition to his athletic ability and academic performance, he also attaches great importance to his son's personal qualities and team concept.

I work hard to set a higher goal for my teammates. I want them to know that we must go all out. If they don't know what to do sometimes, I will show them to them.

This is a sentence that Ingram told the media in 2017. You know, that year, he just turned 5 years old.

And according to his coach Jimmy Watson, the players saw what Ingram was doing and they would follow, because his eyes were full of hunger for glory. If a teammate is lazy, he will go to them alone and tell them to go all out for the team.

Indeed, no one can predict now that the 7-year-old will appear on the Super Bowl stage or the Olympic track 15 years later, but at least the flames are already burning.

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