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God idea! Americans petition to sell the state to Canada to reduce government bonds

Overseas Network February 15th With the US national debt has exceeded 22 trillion US dollars (about 149 trillion yuan), many Americans feel more and more worried, and even moved the government to sell territories to pay debts. Recently, some people have initiated petitions online, hoping to sell the US state of Montana, which is adjacent to Canada, at a price of 1 trillion US dollars (about 6.8 trillion yuan) to reduce the burden of national debt.

According to the Huffington Post website, the petition was launched on the Internet by selling Montana to Canada for $1 trillion to eliminate national debt. The initiator American Hammond said: We have too much debt, and Montana is useless, only some beavers. It is reported that Canada's national treasure animals are beavers, they are very fond of this animal.

This petition has accumulated more than 4,500 signatures and there is a trend to increase further. Although it seems ridiculous, many American netizens have mentioned other reasons to support the sale of Montana. Some people say that the state has a negligible population. Even if the territory is sold, the locals can transfer to other states.

Even the locals in Montana seem to agree with this idea. A resident from Montana commented: I think this is good for all of us, I have relatives in Canada, and I know the benefits of being a Canadian. The other said: I have lived in Montana for the rest of my life. Frankly, I am tired of the complete disregard of human life in the United States. Williams is even more blunt: I am a Montana, I hope to join Canada without any mobile cost, just do it! Please take us in.

Not only that, more and more American netizens have mobilized the idea of ​​selling territory. Some people say: Wyoming and Idaho are also sold, no one cares about them. How is California? . . . . . The mountain fire there has been making debt, another netizen said. Others are even more outspoken: I signed this petition and hope that Minnesota is the next one. Netizen Tom praised the promoters. The idea is awesome, and I don't forget to bring a sentence. Considering Michigan, it is also very meaningful in geography.

On the other side, many Canadian netizens are also very supportive. Thompson said: I am from Canada, we love Montana. Welcome to come and enjoy universal medical care. Alan also said: I will welcome Montana with open arms!

Although Americans are interested, this may not necessarily become a reality. According to the Constitution, it is difficult for the US federal government to sell any state because it may be unconstitutional and violates the provisions of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution that have the right to self-determination. Canadians also laughed and said that seeing US Treasury bonds exceed $22 trillion, it is really unclear how much it would cost to sell Montana for $1 trillion. (Overseas network Zhang Ni)

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