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Japanese uncle killed a 10-year-old daughter without a doctor and died. 6 mayors gathered in silence

Overseas Network February 15th] According to the Japan News Agency, the Japanese police said on the 15th that a worried father in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, was arrested for allegedly violently assaulting his 10-year-old daughter. The forensic doctor said that the child was fractured but was not sent to the doctor. The girl mother was informed and arrested. Six Japanese mayors gathered in silence for the girl.

This incident has caused widespread public concern in Japan and even caught the attention of the Japanese government. On the 15th, Noda City Mayor Suzuki had apologized to the public and said: I did not save the young life, I felt the responsibility was great.

It is reported that the little girl's name is Kurihara's love, and she was in the fourth grade at the elementary school in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. On January 24, she was found dead in the bathroom by the police. On the same day, the police arrested the girl's parents on suspicion of intentional injury. On the 14th, Chiba County police said that the girl's father, Ryuichi Ryuhara, had been arrested again because of her alleged violent assault on the girl, resulting in a broken sternum and not being treated. The police are currently investigating the specific cause of death of girls.

Japanese media said that between December 30, 2018 and January 3, 2019, the hearty father grabbed the girl's hands and wrists at home and lifted the girl's face on the bathroom floor. . Although the girl had fallen to the ground, he still pressed the girl's body with his knees and violently beat the girl's face, causing his sternum to fracture.

Chiba County police said that through judicial anatomy, the girl's fracture and multiple wounds on her face showed that the girl had been subjected to violence until January 24. The police even found many videos of beating girls from the suspect's cell phone, as well as photos of girls with scars. The girl mother confessed that the couple had been atrocities against the girl for several days from the end of 2018.

According to the investigation, the girl mother was present on the day of the incident, and the girl's medical record was not found at home. The police believe that the parents who are worried about the crimes have not been allowed to leave the house since the end of the year after they beat the daughter. The girl did not eat for a few days before her death.

According to the judicial anatomy, the girl's lungs have water. Although it is determined that it is not drowned, the cause of death is still under investigation. The forensic doctor speculated that on the day of the girl's death, she was in a state of extreme debilitation, and she could not stand up and fell to the ground. The worried parents thought she was pretending to let her wash the cold bath and grab the girl's neck. (Overseas/Wang Shanning)

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