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"The first Instagram user" more than 300 years ago?

Reference News Network reported on February 15 that French media said that on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the death of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt (1606 - 1669), the Royal Netherlands Museum exhibited its first collection on February 13th. All works by the painter known as the first Instagram user, because without him, the social network may not be what it is now.

According to AFP reported on February 13, this historic exhibition includes nearly 400 paintings, drawings and sketches, hoping to show the self-portrait of the master of the golden age of Dutch painting and its surroundings. Depicting how to signal the response of contemporary society.

Rembrandt is the first artist in history to capture his own life. We can even call him the first 'Instagram user', explains Royal Museum curator Tacco Dibitz.

No artist has painted so many self-portraits like Rembrandt. He painted his own family, painted his friends, he went to the streets, the fields, and even let us enter his own living room, where his wife was sick in bed, Dibitz said.

It is reported that the exhibition will last from February 15th to June 10th, 2019, and will be the last chance to enjoy the representative night patrol peacefully. After that, this giant painting will be handed over to the art restorer for several months. .

The report said that this is also a rare opportunity to see some of Rembrandt's lesser-known works.

We exhibited all of Rembrandt's works we owned at the Royal Museum: 22 paintings, 300 sketches, 60 sketches, the first time in history, and Dibitz said happily.

It is reported that some of these works are rarely presented for exhibitions. Light will fade the picture, so we have barely exhibited it. This generation of exhibitions will not see it again, Dibits added.

The report said that many of Rembrandt's self-portraits were hanging on the walls of the exhibition hall, from his teenage years to his gray-haired old age.

The report believes that the exhibition of Rembrandt's massive works will also trigger visitors to think about the ubiquitous contemporary society of social networks.

The reason I use the words 'self-timer' and 'Instagram' is because Rembrandt has created our current concern about the world and the way we take pictures, Dibitz emphasized.

If Rembrandt does not exist, we may still portray or attempt to reflect the image of the gods and the ancient story, Dibitz said.

Rembrandt makes these unusual stories commonplace, making ordinary things (such as our daily lives) unusual, Debbitz said.

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