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The Ehime Prefecture government received an anonymous donation of approximately 100 million yen, and most banknotes showed discoloration and adhesion.

According to Japan's Kyodo News reported on February 14, Japan's Ehime Prefecture government announced on the 14th that it had received speculative cash of about 100 million yen (about RMB 6.1 million) for anonymous donations and to the media. Show. The county said that the carton, the recipient of the Governor, was sent to the county government building on January 29, in which a large number of degraded 10,000 yen banknotes were placed. The Ehime Prefecture Government will entrust the Bank of Japan to confirm and exchange banknotes. Governor of the prefecture, Nakamura, said that he would like to use the donation for the post-disaster rehabilitation project of the July 3018 rainstorm in western Japan.

There are several bundles of 10,000 yen banknotes, which are discolored and stuck, and are not easily peeled off. Although the sender information is written, the handwritten letter placed in the carton indicates that the address and name do not exist. It is said that there is hope that it can be useful and does not want to be content.

Nakamura said at a press conference on the 14th: It will help the citizens of the county in accordance with the goodwill of the donors.

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