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Pompeo: US officials will go to Asia again this weekend to discuss the "Golden Special"

Overseas Network February 15th According to the Korea International Radio Station (KBS), on the 13th local time, US Secretary of State Pompeo said at a joint press conference with the Polish Prime Minister that this weekend will send teams to Asia again. Prepare for the second summit meeting between the DPRK and the United States.

The second Golden Conference will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 27th to 28th of this month. From the 6th to the 8th of this month, US and North Korean officials held talks on the issue of the Golden Gate in North Korea.

Ponpeo said that he will verify whether the DPRK complies with the commitment to denuclearization.

Ponpeo also said that the Jinte will mainly discuss issues such as easing tension on the Korean Peninsula and reducing the risk of military conflict. At that time, the future vision of North Korea will also be discussed. When he was interviewed by the US Public Television Network (PBS) on the previous day (12th), he also mentioned the progress of denuclearization and eased tension on the Korean Peninsula.

It is reported that the first content of the joint statement issued by Singapore's first Golden Special Conference is to establish a new DPRK-US relationship, and the second is to build a peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula, which is related to the relaxation of tension on the Korean Peninsula.

The US Special Representative for North Korea's policy on the DPRK Day has already discussed with the DPRK on more than 10 issues of the Jinte Conference. The topics include not only denuclearization, but also the first and second joint statements of the DPRK and the United States. The article is about easing the tension on the Korean Peninsula. (Compile / Overseas Network Liu Qiang)

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