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Wen Zai talks with individual industrial and commercial households: I am also the son of a small businessman.

According to the report of the Yonhap News Agency on the 14th, South Korean President Wen's text invited individual industrial and commercial households to hold a discussion in Qingwatai. He said that the opinions of individual industrial and commercial households will be fully reflected in the process of determining the minimum hourly wage.

Wen Zai said that the competition in individual industry and commerce is fierce, and the rental fees for stores, franchise fees, and minimum hourly wages have all increased the burden on individual businesses. As of the end of last year, the number of individual industrial and commercial households in Korea reached 5.64 million. If more than 1.1 million family members do not receive wages, 25% of the total employment population of 26.82 million belong to self-employed households, which has become one of the main axes of the Korean economy. .

Wen Zai said that the government will issue commodity vouchers equivalent to 18 trillion won for individual industrial and commercial households by 2022, and crack down on illegal sales of commodity vouchers, actually helping the regional business district and the people's livelihood economy. The government will also promote the Hutong business district revitalization project, transform the 30 commercial districts of the old city, and create a space that integrates themed spaces, shopping, regional culture, community and youth entrepreneurship. The traditional market support budget has increased to 537 billion won this year, and the traditional market parking lot penetration rate will increase to 100%.

The report said that Wen Zai also said that he was also the son of a small businessman. When I was a child, I helped my parents distribute the briquettes. At that time, the people maintained their lives and looked for hope. Today, the life of self-employed people is not much different from the past. The government will actively support individual households to continue to move forward with hope.

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