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In order to sign the peace treaty early? Japanese media said that Japan is considering visa-free for Russia

Overseas Network February 15th] According to the Japanese Sankei Shimbun, the Japanese government is considering granting visa-free access to Russia. Previously, Russia had repeatedly asked Japan to issue a visa exemption. The move by Japan may be to promote the signing of the Japan-Russia peace treaty.

A Japanese government official revealed that on the 14th, the Japanese government began to discuss the exemption of visa inspections from people coming to Russia from Russia.

On January 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Nono held talks with Japan on the Russian-Russian peace treaty and other issues. They told Japan that both Japan and Russia can exempt each other, such as from Russia. Residents of Lindao and Hokkaido in Japan began to implement. Japan's visa-free negotiation is in response to Russia's previous request. Japanese media said that the Japanese government's attempt to promote the signing of the Japan-Russia peace treaty can make substantial progress.

But if this matter is done, Japan will face many problems in the future, such as illegal labor and security risks. This will require the relevant agencies such as the Japanese Ministry of Justice and the Police Department to make corresponding policy adjustments. So now, the date of visa exemption for Russia is difficult to decide for the time being. It is reported that on the 16th, Kono will hold talks with Lavrov again in Munich, Germany, and convey the relevant progress of the visa exemption.

The current rule in Japan is that if foreigners in a particular country register their passports in Japan's foreign residences in advance, they can be exempted from visas and get a short-term stay in Japan for less than 90 days. During this period, you can travel to and from Japan multiple times. This regulation also applies to countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.

By this rule, the number of Russians visiting Japan has increased significantly in the past few years. According to Japanese government sources, this is the performance of visa procedures. But now, the Russian government is asking for further simplification. In January, Russian government officials repeatedly asked Japan to ask for visa exemption during the talks.

According to the information of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website, passport holders from 68 countries and regions can now enter Japan without a visa. Russia is not yet included. Japanese media said that it is also necessary to carefully judge the economic situation of the other country and mediation. When it comes to visa-free access to Russia, it may be necessary to go through Japan's long-term and prudent coordination. (Overseas/Wang Shanning)

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