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The Venezuelan opposition leader "self-reliant president" has already informed the United States that he wants to overthrow Maduro in one day.

After the opposition leader Guaiddo became the interim president of Venezuela, the United States sent a reassurance that promised to support it.

February 13, the Wall Street Journal re-exposed more details before the coup, saying that someone had informed Vaughan from Washington about the coup plan, and the US and South American countries would support Guaido to force within 24 hours. Legal President Maduro stepped down. A former senior US official said they thought it was a 24-hour operation.

A former senior US official revealed that before the Venezuelan coup, someone had informed Washington from a coup plan in Caracas. The United States also promised that if Guaido took action, South American countries and the United States would support it. After the Venezuelan military will be rebellious, Maduro will step down.

Many of the Venezuelan opposition and American followers believe that the Maduro regime will soon collapse. The senior official said that they thought it was a 24-hour operation.

But this is not the case... Now that Guaido has been a self-reliant president for three weeks, Douro is still firmly in control of the Venezuelan regime and has no signs of stepping down.

Before the United States stepped down from Maduro, in addition to restricting the legitimate government through a series of diplomatic measures, it also called out the national teams and announced the implementation of oil sanctions.

Michael Shifter, chairman of the Washington-based non-partisan think tank, said that if the sanctions last for six months, it will bring devastating damage to the country, and refugees from Venezuela to South America will become more and more many.

February 13, when President Trump was asked if Joshua Doroe was in power and there was a plan B, he responded that I still have plans for B, C, D, E, and F. There is a large range of flexibility.

In the history of Venezuela, the military has always played an important role in determining the ultimate power. Last week, White House officials revealed that the United States is currently in direct communication with some Venezuelan military members to encourage them to rebel against the Maduro government.

However, the Wall Street Journal reported in the 13th report that the Maduro government has adopted a carrot and stick strategy to ensure that military commanders who are well-trained in Caracas and other key cities will not defect to the melon. Ido around.

Barclays's Venezuelan economist Alejandro Arreaza estimates that Venezuela's current oil production is about 1.1 million barrels per day, but it will reduce its daily output by 700,000 barrels in the next four to five months.

For a government that relies almost entirely on oil exports, it will be a disaster. Venezuelan's famous polling expert Luis Vicente Leon said that I am convinced that the United States can cause an economic collapse here, but it is not certain whether the economic collapse will force Maduro to step down.

Leon also warned that as the economy collapses, the opposition's support rate may also fall, and the public will accuse the (opposition) strategy of making life worse.

Before, Maduro insisted in an exclusive interview with the media that he would use all means of communication to let the world condemn and stop Trump's madness, and said that Venezuela will not yield.

My Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang stressed at a press conference on January 29 that China recognizes Maduro as the Venezuelan president. This position has not changed. On February 1st, when asked if he had any contact with the opposition, he said that China has maintained close communication with the parties in different ways in the Venezuelan situation. It is willing to work with the parties to persuade and promote talks. Work together to create favorable conditions for the proper resolution of the Venezuelan issue.

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