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The White House announces Trump's medical report: weight gain but still very healthy

Overseas Network February 15th] Recently, the White House announced the results of the second medical examination of US President Trump during his tenure. The report pointed out that Trump's weight increased compared to the 2018 physical examination, but he still remained very healthy overall.

Integrated by Fox News and ABC News, 72-year-old Trump conducted a four-hour regular physical examination on February 8th at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. On the 14th local time, Trump doctor Conley said: After considering all the test results, inspections and expert advice, I determined that he is in a very healthy state as a whole.

Conley mentioned that the US president is 6 feet 3 inches (about 1.9 meters) and weighs 243 pounds (about 220 pounds), an increase from 239 pounds (about 217 pounds) in 2018. The US media pointed out that according to the US Centers for Disease Control's body mass index, this weight is classified as obese. Trump was advised last year to change his eating habits and exercise more to lose some weight.

The report also mentions Trump's blood pressure is 118/80, heart rate is 70 beats per minute, and his total cholesterol has dropped to 196 after taking the drug. In addition, his liver, kidney, thyroid function, blood cell count and other results are normal. Trump is also vaccinated with two vaccines, one for the prevention of pneumococcal viruses and one for the prevention of herpes zoster.

On January 12, 2018, US President Trump accepted his first health check after his appointment. The White House said at the time that Trump's inspections showed that the US president was very healthy. (Overseas network Zhang Ni)

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