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The Austrian female foreign minister's wedding car took 20,000 euros and was signed by Putin.

China News Service February 15th According to the Russian satellite network cited the Courier newspaper, the Russian women's foreign minister Kneiss's wedding car signed by Russian President Putin - the white convertible Volkswagen Beetle at the auction The price of 20,000 euros was sold.

The report said that wedding cars signed by famous guests were sold in the charity TV marathon sale organized by ORF. After the wedding, Kneiss used his wedding car for charity.

This car entered the top three of the most expensive items. The number one is to buy the advertisement page of the Austrian messenger (Kurier), which took 27,000 euros. In second place, walk with the Mayor of Vienna in the City Hall and then join the lunch for eight people. The lot was sold for 22,000 euros. The newspaper said that the wedding car was bought by an entrepreneur in the federal state of Styria.

The wedding of Austrian Foreign Minister Kneissl was held on August 18, 2018. According to Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov, Putin spent only an hour at the wedding, attended the wedding ceremony, gave a speech in German, danced with the bride and presented gifts to the newlyweds.

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