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India will start producing Russian-made AK203 assault rifles and export to other countries.

Russian satellite news agency reported on February 14 that India will begin production of the Russian AK-203 assault rifle. The joint venture to produce the gun will be put into production in Colva, India (Uttar Pradesh) in late February.

The Russian media quoted the Indian Economic Times as saying that the relevant intergovernmental agreement is expected to be signed on February 15th. On February 28th, the Indian Prime Minister announced the start of the factory shortly before the election of the Indian Parliament.

The Kalashnikov Group and the Indian Arsenal Commission will be the founders of the company. According to reports, an Indian military major will lead the factory. The factory will not only produce weapons for Indian demand, but also export it to countries approved by Russia and India. The factory's production capacity is estimated to be 750,000 firearms per year.

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