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Law "Yellow Vest" for nearly 100 days: 8400 people were arrested, 1800 cases were sentenced

China News on February 15th According to the French European Times, French Interior Minister Kastane said on the 14th that the yellow vest movement swept through France for nearly three months. At present, the police arrested 8,400 people, of which 7,500 were Police interrogation.

In addition, the Minister of the Interior confirmed that a total of 1,300 police, gendarmerie and firefighters were injured by protest groups. The government said it would not be tolerant of illegal yellow vests.

The Minister of the Interior stated: The message I want to convey is clear: any damage and violence will be punished. Recently, there were many requests for forgiveness inside the yellow vest, but the government rejected the proposal.

After the launch of the yellow vest, the number of sentencing cases totaled nearly 1,800, and another 1,500 cases were awaiting trial. In addition, the court heard 1,300 cases immediately appearing in court, and 316 received a subpoena.

The right-wing Republican politician, Serière, launched an online fundraiser to raise funds for police and gendarmerie who were injured in the yellow vest movement. The total amount of donations was as high as 1.46 million euros, and the Minister of the Interior expressed the above views in the activities of issuing donations.

After someone had launched a fundraiser for a boxer who was beaten by the police, the fundraiser initiated by Serière was a response to the former. More than 50,000 people allegedly donated money to the injured police, and then the district governor and the police union will sign an agreement to specify the specific distribution model for the fundraising.

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