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US House of Representatives voted to pass the border security budget, still waiting for Trump to sign

China News Service, February 15th According to foreign media reports, on the evening of the 14th local time, the US House of Representatives passed the latest border security budget with 300 to 128 votes. Earlier, the US Senate just passed the budget. US President Trump previously claimed that he agreed to sign the budget, but because he did not provide the wall-building funds he needed, he would start a national emergency at the same time as signing the bill to obtain wall-building funds.

According to an agreement between the two parties on the evening of the 11th, the budget will provide $1,375 million for physical barriers at the border, including a 55-mile-long cylindrical fence on the US-Mexico border.

In addition, the bill also supports improved border surveillance equipment, hiring more customs officers, humanitarian assistance to detained immigrants, and $330 billion in funding for dozens of federal projects to ensure they are normal this year. Operation, which accounts for a quarter of the federal agency's budget.

A few hours ago, the Senate just passed the bill with 83 votes in favor and 16 votes against. However, at the beginning of this agreement, Trump expressed dissatisfaction with this. Shortly after he announced that he would launch a national emergency, the US Department of Justice said that if he really announced that the state had initiated a state of emergency, the decision would be temporarily suspended by the court.

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