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US-Israel meeting in high-profile attack on Iran Luhani blamed the attack on the Revolutionary Guard

Reference News Network reported on February 15 Foreign media said that US Secretary of State Pompeo said at a security conference in Warsaw on the 14th that Iran is the number one threat in the Middle East. Fighting this country is the key to peace in the entire region.

According to the Associated Press reported on February 14, before the opening of the meeting, Pompeo met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu expressed his appreciation for the important Arab figures to participate in the meeting, saying that this marks a change in regional priorities.

According to the Associated Press reported on February 13, the Israeli Prime Minister said at a meeting on the Middle East that received US support on the 13th that he intends to focus on the common interests of all parties in the fight against Iran.

The report pointed out that Netanyahu has long been tough on Iran. But his remarks are more than his usual arguments, and seem to contain an appeal for war. Although Netanyahu used the term Hebrew war, his office subsequently amended the official translation, saying that he was referring to the common interests against Iran.

In addition, according to a report by Dexin News on February 13, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters that he intends to hold a meeting with Arab representatives in order to promote the war against Iran. The Iranian Foreign Minister ridiculed his speech as an illusion.

Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif reposted the Israeli Prime Minister's Twitter counterattack: We have always been convinced of Netanyahu's illusions. Today, the whole world – and those who participate in this Warsaw circus – knows.

Also, according to Agence France-Presse reported on February 13, the US and Israeli leaders gathered in Warsaw on the 13th to hold a meeting they hoped to put pressure on Iran. At the same time, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was the most deadly attack in years.

The report said that the two-day conference was held at the Royal Castle in Warsaw's Old Town to promote the US-led Middle East vision. However, due to the uneasy feelings about the hard-line Iranian policy, few well-known European officials attended the meeting.

According to military sources, at the time of the Warsaw meeting, a suicide car bombing occurred in southeastern Iran, killing 27 soldiers of the Revolutionary Guards on their way home.

The report said that Iran quickly linked the attack to the Warsaw meeting, when supporters of former opposition armed forces were gathering on the streets.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that the meeting in Poland was a Warsaw circus. He said that it was no coincidence that Iran was attacked by terrorists on the day of the meeting.

However, an extremist group has said that the attack occurred in the province bordering Pakistan's Balochistan province. The militants were also thought to have created a terrorist attack in September last year when they launched an attack on a military parade in southwestern Iran.

The report said that on the occasion of the Warsaw meeting, the Iranian Shiite regime was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Iranian state television reported that Iranian President Rohani said on the same day that suicide bombings in southeastern Iran should be attributed to the United States and its regional allies.

Ruhani said: This crime will remain as a 'stain' in the dark records of the White House, Tel Aviv and their regional agents supporting terrorism.

Ruhani repeated the senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards and warned that Iran is determined to pay the price of those responsible for the attack of the Revolutionary Guard.

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