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Newsletter! The US Congress officially passed the border budget and successfully avoided the government closing again.

The Associated Press just reported that the US House of Representatives passed a budget reached by the two parties on the border wall funds, but this budget does not include Trump's $5.7 billion wall funding, but other borders. Security measures allocation. The budget was already passed in the Senate.

The White House said earlier on the 14th that President Trump will sign the eclectic bill to fund border security, but he will also declare a national emergency and build a wall. The Democratic Party then attacked this.

The Democratic Attorney General Association issued a statement in response to Trump's move.

The statement said: We will review the president's power to declare a state of emergency and determine how this so-called 'state emergency' will affect our state, especially those bordering Mexico. As the Attorney General of the Democratic Party has repeatedly proved, we will not hesitate to use our legal authority to defend the rule of law, as we did in previous lawsuits, such as the protection of "children's arrival in the United States to defer (DACA). Beneficiary, against the president's attempt to separate children from their families."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer issued a joint statement condemning Trump's plan to urgently build the wall nationwide.

Declaring a nationwide state of emergency would be an illegal act, a serious abuse of presidential power, and a desperate attempt to defeat President Trump's breach of the core commitment of Mexico to pay for his wall. Trump is in the naked contempt of the rule of law.

The statement stated that he could not convince Mexico, the American people or their elected representatives to pay for his ineffective and expensive wall, so now he is trying to bypass Congress and let the taxpayers pay for it.

Reuters reported that when asked whether Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi would file a lawsuit, Pelosi said that I might, she said, the Democrats will respond appropriately.

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