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The United States does not rule out sending troops to intervene in Venezuela. Maduro appeals to the EU not to succumb to the United States.

Reference News Network reported on February 15 Foreign media said that US President Trump and the visiting Colombian President Duke held a meeting at the White House on the 13th, and the two unexpectedly made the Venezuelan issue an important issue.

According to the Columbia Times website reported on February 13, when asked by the media about the attitude of the US national security adviser Bolton to send troops to Colombia, and whether to send troops, Trump did not rule out to Colombia The possibility of sending 5,000 soldiers to control the situation in Venezuela is said to be waiting to be seen.

Duke met with the Washington-based agency appointed by the Venezuelan Parliament, Carlos Beckio. He then traveled to the US House of Representatives to discuss various issues including the Venezuelan issue with the International Relations Committee.

According to the report of Latin American News Agency on February 13, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Areiasa stressed on the 13th that the Colombian government participated in the US coup against the Maduro government.

Areasa said that Colombian President Duke tried his best to show himself that he could give him a good score in the coup plan against Maduro.

Alyasa said on the Twitter website that Duke's domestic support rate is so low that the Colombian Foreign Minister and the US ambassador decided to run for the next president.

In addition, according to the Effie news agency reported on February 13, Venezuelan President Maduro said in an interview with European News TV that the EU should amend its policy, because the EU succumbed to the US Trump administration's coup plan. And only listened to one-sided words in one aspect, this statement means the opposition.

The report said that Maduro repeatedly accused the international media of reporting the Venezuelan crisis in a one-sided manner. He said: The EU should learn to listen to the voice of the entire country and amend its policy toward Venezuela.

He said that in Venezuela there are nearly 1 million Europeans, especially Spain, Italy and Portugal. The attitude of European countries shows that they have abandoned these immigrants.

The report said that most EU member states have followed the United States to recognize the Venezuelan parliament chairman Guadeo as a legitimate interim president.

However, Maduro believes that Venezuela has only one constitutional president, that is, himself, and in his eyes the coup led by Trump and the American political elite has failed. The only purpose of the Americans is to learn from Venezuela. wealth.

He said that Trump's advisory team has introduced it to a dead end, but as long as the United States gives up this position, we are always willing to engage in dialogue to build mutually respectful relationships.

When asked if he would talk to Guaydo, Maduro said that the opposition has gone too far on the road to playing a shackle.

The report said that he accused the United States of setting obstacles to dialogue through the international community last year, but said that it can engage in dialogue with the opposition or some of its members anytime, anywhere.

Maduro believes that providing humanitarian assistance to the committee is only a shameful way, because while providing $20 million worth of food aid, it has frozen the government's $10 billion overseas.

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