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Putin talks about the US withdrawal: Trump honors the election promise, rarely in American political life

On the 14th, Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Iranian President Rohani. When it comes to Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria, Putin praised Trump's commitment to actively fulfilling the elections, which rarely happens in American political life.

Today Russia (RT) reported on the 14th that Putin hosted Erdogan and Rohani in Sochi, Russia, and the three discussed their joint efforts to promote Syrian reconciliation.

When talking about the US withdrawal from Syria, Putin said that the US action seems to have stalled, but Russia still has hope. RT said that Putin seems more optimistic than the other two leaders, he believes that the United States will take action in the near future.

The withdrawal of the United States from Syria is one of the promises of President Trump during his campaign. He is quite active in fulfilling his promises during the campaign, which is rare in American political life. Putin said.

Putin admits that some opposition in the United States has made Trump not always able to implement his plan, which may be the reason for the suspension of the US military now. But Putin said that Russia still believes that the US military will leave Syria.

Putin also stressed that the only correct decision (United States) is to hand over the territory under the control of the Syrian armed forces, taking into account security issues.

RT believes that this is Putin's statement to Erdogan. Erdogan had previously stated that the withdrawal of the United States from Syria must not impair the security of Turkey.

They (the United States) now say that they may withdraw their troops in April or May, who knows what will happen at the time, Erdogan said, we do not want any part of Syria to be handed over to terrorists. Erdogan then explained that the terrorists referred to the Kurdish militia in northern Syria because the Turkish government believed that these militia belonged to terrorist organizations operating in Turkey.

Ruhani said that if the US troops withdraw from Syria, this will be a good thing for the Syrian people. He also said that the same is true for Afghanistan or Iraq, but he does not have hope for the US withdrawal from the two countries.

RT said that the purpose of the Sochi talks is to update the three countries' plans for Syria. The plan is currently working to establish a constitutional committee that will include representatives of the Syrian government and political opposition and will be responsible for drafting a new basic law for the country.

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