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500 million US dollars! Former New York City Mayor wants to pay for Trump's re-election

Reference News Network reported on February 15 that the US media said that according to a person familiar with the matter, the founder of the Bloomberg News, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is preparing to withdraw at least $500 million from his pocket. About 3.4 billion yuan) to prevent US President Donald Trump from winning his second term.

According to the February 13 report of the US Political News website, Bloomberg has not announced whether to participate in the primary election of the Democratic nominee for the presidential election. If Bloomberg is running for the election, he will use the $500 million for the campaign during the 2020 primaries. If Bloomberg refuses to run for the presidency, he intends to launch an unprecedented event to support the final Democratic candidate.

The report said that in order to reach the goal, Bloomberg formed a political team. Since the end of November 2018, the team has met at least once a week at the Bloomberg Philanthropy Headquarters in Manhattan to discuss the above. Plan A and Plan B.

A plan is Bloomberg's campaign for the Democratic Party. In Plan B, Bloomberg will use all the data—from careful scrutiny of voter profiles to polls that affect voters' important issues—to help Democratic candidates win elections and end Trump's presidency.

Bloomberg said at an event in Orlando, Florida, that he will make a decision three weeks later.

However, Bloomberg's aides made the assumption that even if the billionaire could not become a Democratic candidate, his hundreds of millions of dollars would still make him a strong competitor.

A Democrat adviser who understands the program said: $500 million is an alarming amount. It's crazy, it's enough to buy all the TV commercials in the 7 or 8 states that are important to the primary election.

The consultant said that it is not clear what decision Bloomberg will eventually make. But in any case, the ultimate goal is similar. He said: The purpose of doing this is clear and specific: to stop Donald Trump. (Compile / Wang Lulu)

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