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Venezuelan Foreign Minister: The principles of the UN Charter are not to be trampled upon

Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, February 14 The Venezuelan Foreign Minister Areiasa said on the 14th that in view of the fact that the UN Charter principles are being trampled on, some UN member states decided to organize and jointly defend the charter.

Accompanied by representatives of a dozen countries, Areiasa read a statement to the media at the UN headquarters in New York. The statement said that some important UN member states decided to organize and act together to defend the UN Charter and the rights of all Member States.

The statement emphasizes the need to defend the sovereignty and equality of all Member States, resolve international disputes in a peaceful manner, respect the territorial integrity and political independence of all Member States, and non-interference in internal affairs and other UN Charter provisions. The statement said that the above provisions are being trampled upon.


statement further states that in the next few days, these countries will begin to take a series of actions to awaken the public. The statement called on all United Nations Member States to join.

Venezuela's parliamentary chair, Guaido, self-declared as an interim president of Venezuela during an opposition rally on January 23, demanding a re-election. The United States and some Latin American countries immediately expressed support for Guade. In order to force President Maduro to step down, the United States has recently increased its sanctions against Venezuela. US President Trump also publicly stated that he does not rule out military intervention in the committee.

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