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Japanese media: Japan's Olympics relative to the swimmers will publish inappropriate speech to map the essence of Abe government

The Nikko Modern Journal reported on February 14 that why did he not resign immediately, and Prime Minister Abe also replaced him? The inappropriate speech of the Japanese Olympic Games acting as Sakura Tian Yixiao has received numerous criticisms. Regarding the news that Japanese swimmer Chi Iri, who published the leukemia, Sakura not only did not worry about his physical condition, but worried about the impact on the Tokyo Olympics, and said that it was really disappointing and worried that the atmosphere would be cold. Shouldn't this be the case for an 18-year-old girl who is struggling to fight the disease?

Chijiang's grandmother said: 'It doesn't matter if you don't swim. In short, it's good. You don't have to participate in the Olympics, as long as you live well. Sakura not only did not hear the words of comfort, but instead said some cold words about 'whether the atmosphere is affected.' The Japanese opposition party even accused Sakurada of losing his words and asked Abe to dismiss the Sakurada Olympics.

However, Sakurada himself said that I will do my duty and do not intend to resign. Abe also expressed the hope that he can perform his duties and will not dismiss the minister of Sakurada. Sensan, the chairman of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party's congressional committee, believes that Sakurada's speech is understandable on the whole, but it is unbelievable to justify it.

The Honorary Professor of Japan's Lizheng University won the title, because the speech of the Sakurada Minister overturned the nature of the Abe administration. The nature of the Abe government is that athletes and ordinary citizens only care about whether they are useful to the country, and the happiness of each individual has nothing to do with the regime. A typical example is the prosecution of 'LGBT is not productive'. Aso's finances also resent the taxation of vulnerable groups such as the elderly and patients. Abe advocates 'female activeness', but also for the sake of the country, to do a good job. Therefore, I believe that it is really regrettable to be able to participate in the Olympic Games in order to promote Guowei.

The Nikkan Modern magazine finally stated that as long as the Abe government continues, there will be no politics for the sake of the nation.

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