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(International) The United States and Poland announce the establishment of an international working group to maintain security and stability in the Middle East

Xinhua News Agency, Warsaw, February 14th, the United States and Poland announced in Warsaw on the 14th to jointly launch an international working group to promote counter-terrorism in the Middle East Cooperation in the areas of combating illegal finance, energy security, and curbing missile development and weapons proliferation.

US Secretary of State Pompeo and Polish Foreign Minister Chaptovich issued a joint statement after the Middle East meeting in Warsaw on the same day, saying that participants have escalated the spread of terrorism and the Middle East conflict. The threat posed by peace and security in the region and the international community, the development of ballistic missile programs in the Middle East and the risks posed by the proliferation of weapons, the humanitarian crisis in the region, the fight against extremism and the destruction of illegal financial networks in the region The view.

The statement states that the international working group initiated by the United States and Poland will hold working-level meetings in a number of countries to safeguard the common interests of the international community in peace and security in the Middle East. More information about the working group will be disclosed in a few weeks.

The Ministerial Conference on the Middle East, co-sponsored by the United States and Poland, was held in Warsaw, Poland, from 13 to 14 days. About 60 countries sent delegations to the meeting, but Russia, Germany, France, etc. The state and the European Union may refuse to participate, or only send low-level officials to attend. The meeting was strongly condemned by Iran.

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