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Iranian President: If the United States really withdraws from Syria, this is good news.

Russian satellite news agency reported on February 14 that Iranian President Rohani said that the US intends to withdraw troops from Syria is good news, but said it is difficult to believe Washington's promise.

Ruhani said before flying to Sochi to attend the Russian-Turkish Trilateral Syrian Summit on February 14. Recently, the United States announced its intention to withdraw its troops from Syria. If you tell the truth, this is good news.

At the same time, Rohani added that Iran cannot believe the words and promises of the Americans. He also pointed out that Iran believes that maintaining Syria's territorial integrity is important because he claims that all Syrian territory should be controlled by Damascus, and that part of the Syrian land cannot be controlled by other countries.

He also added that the Syrian government should start a dialogue with the Kurds.

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