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Japanese media: Before the leaders of the US and DPRK talks, the foreign ministers of the DPRK and Vietnam emphasized the traditional friendship

Reference News Network reported on February 15 Japanese media cited North Korean official media reports that North Korean Foreign Minister Li Yonghao held talks with Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fan Pingming on Pyongyang on the 13th. In view of the fact that the second US-DPRK summit is scheduled to be held in Hanoi from the 27th to the 28th, Li Yonghao and Fan Pingming are likely to have negotiated relevant preparatory work during the talks.

According to the report of the Japan Broadcasting Association website on February 14, the DPRK media reported that the two sides further promoted the traditional friendship between the two countries and the international issues of common concern, which were built by President Kim Il Sung and President Ho Chi Minh. Exchanged opinions and reached a consensus. The report highlights the friendly relations between the two countries.

The report did not mention the specific content of the talks. According to observations, the two sides held consultations on the security work of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his visit to Vietnam and the talks with senior Vietnamese. In addition, Li Yonghao once again stressed that the DPRK has actively adopted measures to abandon nuclear weapons and other nuclear abandonment, and hoped that the Vietnamese side would understand and support the international community's relaxation of sanctions against the DPRK.

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