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Prime Minister Han: Some Japanese politicians and former diplomats have violated the words and deeds of Japan and South Korea.

Korean Prime Minister Lee Loon-yeon criticized at a government meeting on February 14 that some Japanese politicians and former diplomats are making words and deeds that are trustworthy. Japan's Kyodo News said that he thought it might be to cater to the Korean sentiment in Japan.

The report stated that Li Luoyuan pointed out that such words and deeds are acts of damaging trust as a political and diplomatic foundation, and stressed that I hope that the improvement of South Korea-Japan relations will be deeply regretted, and I expect the parties to act cautiously.

Li Luoyuan is a Zhiri school who has served as a correspondent for Korean newspapers in Tokyo and a vice president of the Korea-Japan Parliamentary Union. He is currently summarizing the response measures of the original labor case.

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