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Trump wants California to return $3.5 billion for high-speed rail projects. California Governor: Think Beauty

Reference News Network reported on February 15 US media said that US President Trump asked the state of California to return the $3.5 billion provided by the federal government for the California high-speed rail project on the evening of the 13th. But the governor of California directly responded: we will not go back.

According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel website reported on February 14, Trump said on Twitter on the evening of the 13th: California was forced to cancel the high-speed train project after spending and wasting billions of dollars. . They owe the federal government $3.5 billion. We want to take back the money now, the whole project is a disaster!

The report said that the $77 billion high-speed rail project, which plans to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles, has faced cost overruns and delays. California State Government Gavin Newson announced on the 12th that he would reduce the high-speed rail project when he first published his first state address, saying that the current plan cost is too high and takes too long.

However, after Trump issued a criticism of the California high-speed rail project and urged the California government to pay back, Newson reposted Trump's tweet on the 13th and countered: This is fake news. We are building a high-speed railway that connects the central valley with other places. This is the California government's own money, which was allocated to the project by Congress. We will not return it.

The Democratic governor is still raising Twitter (Trump) is trying to raise the wall fee.

Some observers say the federal government will have a hard time forcing California to come up with the money.

Ray Lahoud, who served as Secretary of Transportation during the Obama administration, believes that California has used federal funds correctly, so even if the Trump administration filed a lawsuit, it would be difficult to get back the money.

Newsen admitted on the 12th that if the state abandons the project, it may be forced to return billions of dollars to the federal government.

The report said that Newson, who took office on January 7, bluntly opposed Trump on everything from immigration to climate change. He also criticized the Republican president for threatening to detain federal funds for wildfire rescue in California. (Compile / Li Sai)

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