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The highest procuratorate of Venezuela launched the "new leadership" of the investigation commission oil company

Xinhua News Agency, Caracas, February 14 The Venezuelan Attorney General Saab announced on the 14th that the Supreme Prosecutor's Office has decided to investigate the Venezuelan oil company and its new branch of the US-based snow railway oil company.

Venezuela's opposition-controlled parliament appointed five new members of the Venezuelan oil company and six new leaders of the Snowtie Company on the 13th. The council said that the move was mainly to protect the company's assets in the United States, to fight for the United States to lift sanctions, and to review company accounts.

Saab said that the leadership of the Venezuelan oil company and the snow-tie company can only be appointed by the current President Maduro. The appointment of the parliament without any legal effect is a conspiracy to undermine peace.

In addition, the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court has announced that new members of the Venezuelan oil company and the snow railway company have been restricted from leaving the country.

Venezuela's opposition member, President of the House of Guaido, announced on January 23 that he was a temporary president during an opposition rally and called for a re-election. The United States and some Latin American and EU countries have expressed support for it.

The US Treasury Department announced on January 28 that it imposed sanctions on Venezuelan oil companies, saying that the company is a state-owned enterprise and a major source of fiscal revenue and foreign exchange. The company's assets in the United States will be frozen and US citizens will not be allowed to trade with them. The company's crude oil exports will be credited to specific accounts controlled by the United States, which the Maduro government cannot use. Maduro condemned the US move as a violation of international law and the UN Charter. (Participating in the reporter: Wang Wei)

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