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The first scene | Political crisis Currently, what is the real situation at the border?

The Simon Bolivar International Bridge connects the town of San Antonio del Tacira in Venezuela with the city of Cucuta in Colombia, the most important land link on the border between the two countries.

Calmly border bridge

The reporter saw on the Simon Bolivar International Bridge that hundreds of Venezuelan people were walking through the bridge with their luggage, orderly lining up through the border checkpoints of the two countries, and playing happy folk music on the public radio. More than a dozen Venezuelan military and police armed with shields and weapons maintained order at the scene.

A police officer told reporters that more than 35,000 Venezuela people crossed the bridge into Colombia in the morning and returned to Venezuela in the afternoon.

Since the tension between the two countries was three years ago, the Simon Bolivar Bridge allowed only pedestrians in both directions to walk through and not allowed to drive.

In the recent past, the United States has continued to exert pressure on the Maduro government through diplomatic and economic means and even frequently carried out military threats. The news about the presence of troops from Colombia to the city of Cukuta has also been heard from time to time.

But the reporter saw that the current flow of people entering and leaving the border between the two countries has not decreased compared with the past, and the popular people are also very calm.

I went to Kucuta every morning to go to work in the city and return to Venezuela at night. In my memory, the people on the border between the two countries have always been friendly, and I do not want the aggression from the United States to undermine the calm here. The 35-year-old sugar factory worker Machado told reporters.

A media show that blocks humanitarian relief supplies

10 km north from the Simon Bolivar International Bridge, another bridge called Tienditas connects the borders of the two countries.

The reporter saw that dozens of military police patrolled the empty six-lane bridge. There were no pedestrians on the bridge, and there was no border inspection and customs office. The center of the bridge is separated by tank trucks, containers and iron fences built in Colombia.

According to some Western media reports, a batch of humanitarian aid provided by the United States arrived on the border between Colombia and Venezuela on the 7th. The United States accused the military of blocking the bridge passage leading to Venezuela to Venezuela and placing roadblocks to prevent the entry of humanitarian supplies.

The closed Tientitas Bridge, the material shipped from the United States was placed at the end of the other side of the bridge a few days ago.

The towns of San Antonio del Tacira and Tienditas are located in the city of Bolivar in Venezuela. Bolivar Mayor William Gomez told reporters that since 2015, the government has actively closed most borders and exits in order to prevent border smuggling of gasoline.

In fact, the Tienditas Bridge has not been officially opened since its completion in 2016. No vehicles or pedestrians are allowed to pass, and there are no border inspections and customs officers on the bridge.

Gomez pointed to the other side of the Tienditas Bridge, where the six containers were humanitarian aid from the United States. The Venezuelan side did not temporarily block the bridge as the Western media said, because the bridge has never been used.

This is just an international media show, the purpose is to damage the image of the government. In fact, no one or material can enter from this bridge that has never been activated. There is another bridge nearby for the trucks to pass. If they want to let the container enter Venezuela, they should first go through the necessary procedures through the customs instead of putting the container there. Gomez said.

Humanitarian relief supplies can be directly transferred to third-party non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross to operate and enter Venezuela. There is no need to force the government to open border crossings or do media shows. Professor Hernandez, a retired university professor who visited relatives in Cukuta, told reporters.

Maduro: The United States is preparing for military intervention

Venezuela's opposition supporters held a large-scale demonstration in Caracas on the 12th, demanding that the Maduro government immediately let the humanitarian aid provided by the United States enter Venezuela through the border.

The chairman of the council, the leader of the opposition self-proclaimed interim president, Guaido, said at the parade that he will achieve international humanitarian assistance on February 23, when he was sworn in as a temporary president for a month. The entry of goods into Venezuela.

Maduro said recently that the United States has provided so-called humanitarian assistance to the Commission in preparation for military intervention in Venezuela.

He said that Venezuela's current funds and assets of nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars have been frozen due to US sanctions. If the United States really wants to help Venezuela, it should immediately cancel the financial blockade and sanctions.

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