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Poroshenko re-elected the presidential slogan accused of learning Putin, Ukrainian journalist Tucao: Putin cognac, you dry up

The Ukrainian presidential election will be held on March 31. The current President Poroshenko announced on January 29 that he will participate in the next Ukrainian presidential election and seek re-election. Poroshenko said that his current presidency has not been satisfactory, but there are also merits. As a result, the Ukrainian journalist Maxim Konoenko began to imitate Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 13th of this month (February), and released a series of similar photos of the two.

According to the Russian opinion report on February 13, from the photos posted by reporter Maxim on Twitter, it can be seen that Poroshenko began to take pictures like the Putin, or sitting in the cockpit of the fighter, or with the children. Take a photo together.

In addition, Maxim mentioned that Poroshenko also imitated Putin's presidential campaign slogan. For example, Putin's slogan is a realistic action, not an empty promise! And Poroshenko's campaign slogan is a realistic action, not a hypocritical promise!

The Twitter has also caused heated discussions among netizens in Russia and Ukraine. Netizens have also cooperated with spoofs.

A netizen commented, what do you want to copy from the leader?

Another netizen is matched with Poroshenko's spoof map. On the picture, Poroshenko asked the squirrel. How about me, like Putin?

Squirrel: Rolling, unlike!

A netizen commented that Putin's brand has never been surpassed. So Poroshenko thinks so, but he can't change his name to Putin...

Before, when Poroshenko participated in an election forum on January 29th, he also announced a poster with photos of Poroshenko and Putin, accompanied by text either Poroshenko or Putin.

Russian officials also noticed this slogan. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zahalova said in his Facebook on the 29th that Putin knew that Ukrainians might choose him to replace Poroshenko. What is interesting is what the voting result will look like.

It is reported that the Ukrainian presidential election will be held on March 31. There are currently 44 candidates competing for the presidency, creating the highest number of presidential candidates. The most powerful contenders for the candidates are Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and comedian Zelensky. A recent study by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology shows that the Ukrainian people's thoughts and opinions show that 26.9% of Ukrainian adults have decided to vote for Zelensky in the presidential election. Ranked second is Ukraine's current President Poroshenko, 17.7% of Ukrainian adults want him to be re-elected, Tymoshenko is now ranked third, and Ukrainians who are willing to vote for her are 15.8%.

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