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The Speaker of the Republic of Korea visits the United States and writes a famous saying in Chinese to Pelosi.

Overseas Network February 14th According to the Yonhap News Agency, on the 12th local time, the South Korean National Assembly President Wen Xixiang and the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held talks. Wen Xixiang had a splash of ink on the scene, and the handwritten book was folded. Four Chinese characters were given to Pelosi, which caused media attention.

It is understood that Wan Dui Bi Dong is from China's nephew. It means that the river will eventually flow eastward into the sea, and it also means that no matter what twists and turns, things must always develop in accordance with the laws that should be in place. When the South Korean ambassador to China submitted his credentials in 2017, he also wrote in the Chinese language to create a future.

Wen Xixiang explained that he wrote the 10,000-fold copy of the East. He wanted to express that although the DPRK nuclear negotiation process was full of twists and turns, it would eventually be resolved and the Korean Peninsula would achieve lasting peace.

He also stated that the South Korean and US parliaments have once again confirmed the common goal of consolidating lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula based on the complete denuclearization of North Korea.

Recently, Wen Xixiang and the leaders of the Korean ruling and opposition parties visited the United States. He successively met with the US Deputy Secretary of State and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to exchange views on the development of ROK-US relations, the second summit meeting between the DPRK and the US, and the denuclearization of the peninsula. (Compile / Overseas Network Liu Qiang Intern Jin Chengyu)

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