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Italian dairy farmers protest against low prices. Splashing goat milk on the road (Photos)

Overseas Network February 14th Italian Sardinian dairy farmers held protests for several days, dumping goat milk on the road to protest the low price of goat milk.

Integrated by the British Independent and the Associated Press, it was reported that the protests had lasted for six days, the shopkeepers unanimously chose to close the store, and the shepherds poured large cans of goat milk on the street.

It is reported that the reason for the protest is that the current price per liter of goat milk is 50 euro cents (about 3.8 yuan), a protester said, this is the lowest price since the 1970s. The dairy farmers demanded that the price rise to 70 cents. They believe that this is due to the combination of large cheese producers to buy goat milk and goat milk at a lower price.

So far, the protests have been destructive, and even local farmers have blocked the Cagliari football team from leaving the training ground, causing the team to miss the AC Milan football team.

Italy Interior Minister Matteo Salvini met with a shepherd delegation this week and promised them a solution. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also had a meeting with dairy farmers. (Overseas network Liang Yi)

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