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How much love? Trump spends 340,000 in the White House loading golf simulator

Overseas Network February 14th Recently, a US media report said that because of the difficulty in covering the love of golf, Trump has installed a set of the most advanced golf simulator in the White House.

Integrated by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the Washington Post, two White House officials said Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator in the private area of ​​the White House president, which is worth $50,000. (about 340,000 RMB), all fees are paid by Trump individuals.

The report said that Trump installed the new system to replace the old system installed during the Obama administration. The new system is equipped with a large screen, and Trump can play virtual golf against the screen. In addition, White House officials said that Trump did not use the system during administrative time, and he has not used it since the system was installed.

The White House already has an outdoor golf green, which was built in 1954 by former US President Eisenhower. This time, the most advanced golf simulator was put into the White House, which once again confirmed Trump's love for golf. Previously, the US media had done a statistic. Trump had been to his golf course 168 times since he became president. Usually he goes to his golf course in New Jersey or Florida every weekend.

The report pointed out that during his campaign in 2016, Trump told his supporters at a rally, "I will work for you, I don't have time to play golf."

At the end of December 2018, Trump had to travel to the White Lake Manor in Florida because of the government's closing of Trump. After the government reopened, Trump went to Haihu Manor to play with well-known golfers Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. (Overseas network Wei Xueyu)

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