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Punching the police in the "yellow vest", the former French boxing champion was sentenced to 30 months in prison

A former French professional boxer was sentenced to 30 months in prison and suspended for 18 months. Earlier, in a yellow vest protest demonstration, a video of his assault on two French policemen was posted on the Internet.

Today, Russia reported on February 14 that the former French lightweight boxing champion, Christophe Dettinger, had previously caused a shot to the police on social media. Wide attention has made him famous.

Two days after the boxing incident, Dettinger surrendered himself and argued that although he was ashamed of what he was doing, he was morally wrong. The former boxer said that he rushed to the police for a moment because he wanted to protect a woman who was crushed on the ground and looked weak.

The Parisian newspaper disclosed what Dettinger said during the trial. When I saw a weak person being hit, I would rush up." (At the time) I was not looking at a uniformed policeman. What I see is the person who does this."

This frail woman named Gwenaelle (Antinori Le Joncour) also testified in court that she was beaten by the police and Dettinger did save her.

Le Joan Cul told the Russian reporter today that the intervention of the boxer saved her life. She said that her face was punched by the police and she was kicked and finally lay on the ground.

The woman said that because of her health, any slap in the face may be a fatal blow to her, I have a serious lung disease, the slightest blow can lead to serious consequences. If that is the case, I will die. It was this boxer who saved my life. If he didn't do that, I would die on the spot.

Before he was arrested in January this year, Dettinger posted a video on social media explaining that his judgment was affected by anger after seeing the police's rude behavior. At the same time, the former boxer admitted that he might have overreacted, and he told the court that while correcting an unfair act, he created another injustice.

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