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The United States opened a Middle East conference in Poland, and the absence of senior diplomats from half of China

US Secretary of State Pompeo recently visited Central Europe to try to regain the influence of the United States, all the way against China and Russia, but in exchange for the direct hypocrisy of the Hungarian Foreign Minister.

And then, Pompeo is preparing to host a conference on the Middle East in Poland. US Vice President Burns and Trump son-in-law Kushner also rushed from the United States. But what is embarrassing is that about half of the countries refused to send senior diplomats, including China.

According to the Washington Post's local time on February 13, Pompeo arrived in Poland on the 12th to prepare for the 13th and 14th meetings on the Middle East. Burns and Kushner will also be present.

Ponpeo announced on the 12th that more than 30 foreign ministers will attend the meeting, and he was prepared to welcome delegates from more than 60 countries. In other words, as many as half of the countries that refused to send high-level representatives.

Integrated Washington Post, CBS, representatives from China, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, and Palestine will not participate, and France and Germany will send their second-level diplomats.

British Foreign Minister Hunter promised to attend at the last minute after getting a promise to host a meeting on Yemen, but may leave early.

Iran will not participate, and this Middle East conference did not invite Iran, a key country in the Middle East.

There are representatives of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries.

The meeting was initially targeted by the United States as a meeting for Iran, but after opposition from European countries, the agenda has been expanded to include discussions on the Yemen war, the Syrian civil war and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Trump administration has always regarded Iran as a huge threat, and the US also believes that controlling Iran is a necessary step to realize its interests in the Middle East. Israel also sees Iran as its main threat. Most Gulf countries believe that Iran's Shiite countries are their main rivals in the Middle East for their influence.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jawad Zarif told reporters on the 13th that the Warsaw meeting was finished at the beginning. This is another attempt by the United States to pursue obsession with Iran. There is no reason for this obsession.

According to foreign officials, after some countries expressed concern about the anti-Iranian agenda of the conference, Pompeo called several foreign ministers of the participating countries and urged them to attend the meeting.

Although privately, they called the foreign ministers to attend, but Pompeo did not care about the absence of many countries before the camera. He said: I think we will achieve very good results. Some foreign ministers have come, and some countries do not. This is their choice. But this will be a serious and concrete discussion involving a wide range of topics, from counter-terrorism to Iran's instability in the Middle East.

CBS said that there are no established goals and standards for this summit, and the US State Department's guidelines have always lacked details.

The Washington Post pointed out that the conference was initially promoted as a pressure on Iran to be ambitious in its important meeting on regional influence, missile testing and terrorism. But now, it may end up using it only... or who didn't define it. The subtle diplomatic slack in several key countries showed a protest against the Trump administration's Iranian policy.

Trump re-implemented sanctions against Iran after he announced his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal last year. The US allies in Europe, including France and Germany, expressed dissatisfaction. Even Poland, the host country of the Middle East conference, is opposed to this.

At the press conference on the evening of the 12th, Polish Foreign Minister Chaputovich stood next to Pompeo and pointed out sharply that Poland believes that the Iranian nuclear agreement is a valuable factor in the international arena. He added that the United States has different views, which will not prevent us from seeking a common path.

Although the event lasted for two days, only a welcome dinner was held on the 13th, which was held on the 14th. Trump's son-in-law Kushner will reveal a Middle East peace plan he has worked on for nearly two years, and the official announcement of the plan will be after Israel's April election.

The US government has been putting pressure on its Arab allies, especially in the Gulf, not only to support the unpublished plan, but also to convince the Palestinians to accept it. Trump called this plan the best agreement of the century.

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