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Iraqi President Calls for Accelerated Collection of "Islamic State"

Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, February 11th Iraqi President Saleh on the 11th called for the need to speed up the collection and preservation of extremist Islamic State crime evidence in Iraq, to ​​try members of extremist organizations suspected of genocide.

Salih met with the United Nations Collecting Islamic State in Baghdad on the same day. Karim Khan, head of the Iraqi Crime Evidence Investigation Team. A statement issued by the Office of the President of Iraq stated that Saleh emphasized that through concerted efforts and close cooperation, a reliable and comprehensive investigation consistent with international standards should be ensured, and members of extremist organizations with the greatest responsibility for crimes should be identified and tried. Saleh affirmed the important role played by the investigation team in investigating the Islamic State's crimes of murder, oppression and imprisonment, as well as assisting survivors.

Karim said that the UN investigation team is taking a variety of measures necessary to investigate and document crimes committed in Islamic countries while maintaining contact with survivors and civil society organizations.

On the same day, the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior informed 186 Islamic State militants who had been arrested in Anbar province in western Iraq. Several serious crimes were sentenced to death.

In 2014, the Islamic State swept through large areas of western and northern Iraq and carried out a large number of atrocities. In September 2017, the UN Security Council decided to set up an investigation team to collect evidence on the conduct of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by the Islamic State in Iraq. In December 2017, Iraq announced that it had recovered all the territories controlled by the Islamic State and achieved a historic victory against the Islamic State.

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