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Is the Himalaya Glacier 1/3 of this century?

The news about the melting of the Antarctic, the Arctic iceberg, and the shrinking of the ice sheet has been receiving media attention in recent years. The Himalayas, which have the highest peaks on the planet, may not be spared. A new study shows that global warming will cause at least one-third of the glaciers in the Himalayas to melt in this century, which will have serious ecological impacts.

According to the British Guardian, the International Mountain Integrated Development Center (ICIMOD) in Kathmandu, Nepal, released a research report on Monday saying that even if countries achieve the goal of the Paris climate agreement, global warming will be controlled within 1.5 degrees Celsius, until 2100. Dukus (mainly in Afghanistan) - 36% of the glaciers in the Himalayas will still melt. And if countries fail to effectively control greenhouse gas emissions, two-thirds of the glaciers in the region may disappear in this century.

This study was completed by more than 350 researchers and policy experts over a five-year period. According to the report, the glaciers in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region are an important source of water for 250 million people in the region, and provide water for many large rivers in India, Pakistan, China and other countries. The melting of glaciers not only causes serious ecological impact, but also may endanger The life of many people.

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