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A building in a well-known tourist area in Paris caught fire and killed more than 20 people in 7 people.

China News Service February 5th According to foreign media reports, on the evening of the 4th local time, a building in the 16th district of Paris, France, caught fire, causing 7 people to be killed, 1 seriously injured, and 27 others were slightly injured 3 of them are firefighters.

Fire Department spokesman Clement Cognon told AFP at the scene: The number continues to increase as the fire spreads to the 7th and 8th floors.

It is reported that there are 8 floors in the building where the fire broke out. Some people fled to the nearby roof to avoid smoke and fire, waiting for the fire brigade to rescue.

The spokesperson said earlier: We must rescue more people, including those who climbed to the roof to take refuge.

At about 3:30 am local time on the 5th, the fire brigade has completed the evacuation of Erlanger Street and continued to extinguish the fire. Several buildings around the fire site have been evacuated.

It is reported that there are many well-known tourist attractions in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, including the Trocadero, the Parc des Princes, the scenic Bronze Forest, and the streets along the street. Premium shops and restaurants.

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