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Kyrgyzstan Capital Airport reported emergency evacuation personnel due to bombs

Xinhua News Agency, Bishkek, February 5th The Kyrgyz National Security Agency conducted an emergency evacuation of passengers and staff at the Manas International Airport in the capital Bishkek on the 5th.

The National Security Council's Information Bureau issued a notice saying that on the afternoon of the same day, the National Security Committee received a report saying that there was a bomb inside the Manas International Airport, and the National Security Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs later sent people to the scene.

The report also stated that the Kyrgyzstan National Security Commission is taking a series of measures to investigate suspicious objects and suspected explosive devices, and is also identifying personnel associated with the incident.

The video taken by eyewitnesses showed that passengers and airport staff were evacuated to the parking lot in the south of the airport, the road to the airport was blocked, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs lined up to enter the airport.

The reporter learned from the Manas International Airport News Service that all passengers and staff at the airport have been evacuated, and security personnel are still looking for suspicious items and suspected explosive devices at the airport.

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