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Japan's Tokushima Airport runway was temporarily blocked due to the puncture of the Self-Defense Force training machine

China News Service, Tokyo, February 5th Comprehensive Japanese media reported that on the afternoon of the 5th, the Tokushima Airport runway was temporarily blocked by the left-wheel blast when the Marine Self-Defense Force training machine landed.

After 3:30 pm, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force TC-90 trainer crashed at Tokushima Airport when a revolver occurred. According to the Maritime Self-Defense Force, no one was injured in the plane.

Affected by the accident, the runway at Tokushima Airport was temporarily blocked for about 2.5 hours and was not reopened until around 6:10 pm. According to preliminary statistics of the Kyodo News Agency, a total of 8 flights were affected. The cause of the specific accident is still under investigation.

Tokushima Airport is located in Matsushima-cho, Tokushima Prefecture. Since 1962, it has become an airport shared by the Self-Defense Forces and the private sector.

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