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Russian Foreign Minister Says U.S. Deployment of Anti-missile System in Japan Violating the "Guidelines on the Guided Treaty"

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, February 5 The Russian Foreign Ministry released a message on the 5th that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, that the United States deployed a global missile defense system in Japan in violation of the China-Treaty Treaty.

Lavrov said that the deployment of the global missile defense system by the United States in Japan has caused Russia and Japan to have differences in the security field. The United States has deployed land-based Aegis missile defense systems in Romania and Poland, not only to launch anti-ballistic missiles, but also to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles, a serious violation of the China-Treaty Treaty.

The leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union signed the Soviet Union and the United States to eliminate the medium- and medium- and long-range missiles of the two countries in 1987, referred to as the China-Treaty Treaty, stipulating that the two countries no longer maintain, produce or test land-based cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers. Ballistic missiles and their launchers.

The US State Department announced on February 1 that the United States has suspended its implementation of the treaty obligations since the 2nd and initiated the withdrawal procedure. Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately announced that Russia has suspended its implementation of the treaty obligations and no longer holds new international negotiations on the proposed treaty.

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