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Turkey hopes that Greece will cooperate in extradition to participate in the attempted coup

Xinhua News Agency, Istanbul, February 5th Turkish President Erdogan said on the 5th that Turkey is looking forward to more cooperation with Greece on the extradition of Turkish military personnel involved in Turkey's attempted military coup.

Erdogan held talks with visiting Greek Prime Minister Tsipras in Ankara on the same day. Erdogan said at a joint press conference after the talks that the Turkish side once again expressed to the Greek side the expectation of extradition of the soldiers involved in the case and asked the Greek side not to become a refuge for wanted criminals. He said that all problems between the two countries can be resolved peacefully on an equal basis.

Tipras said that communication with Erdogan remained open and he was very satisfied with it.

After the attempted military coup in Turkey on July 15, 2016, eight Turkish soldiers fled to Greece by helicopter. In January 2017, the Greek Supreme Court rejected the extradition request from Turkey. In April 2018, Greece rejected Turkey's proposal to exchange the eight Turkish soldiers with two cross-border Greek soldiers detained by the Turkish side.

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