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Human rights activists: terrorists have transported chemical weapons to Idlib province

(Observer Web News) According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on February 6th, the head of the Syrian Human Rights Network, Ahmed Kasem, told the satellite news agency that the terrorist organization conquered the front. The militants used a white helmet-organized ambulance to transport chlorine cylinders from Giselle Shugur to Hanshehong Town.

Kazem said: According to our information, about ten days ago, several chlorine cylinders were transported from Giselle Shugur to Hanshehong Town in the south of Idlib. The transport operation was carried out in cooperation with the 'White Helmets' organization and the 'Conquering Front'. The transport is two ambulances.

He also said: It is reported that these chlorine cylinders are planned to attack civilians in the local and other areas. The 'White Helmets' installed cameras and video equipment in a number of hospitals to target civilians injured by chemical weapons.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said on January 31 that Moscow is worried that terrorists will not give up the fake Syrian government forces to use chemical weapons against civilians.

The Russian Defense Ministry has previously stated that on November 24 last year, militants of terrorist organizations fired shells containing poisonous substances in the residential area of ​​Aleppo. The attack caused 46 people, including 8 children, to be harmed by chemicals. The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that Russia had previously been concerned that the White Helmets attempted to use toxic substances in the demilitarized zone around Idlib to provoke the Syrian government to use chemical weapons against local residents.

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