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sing a different tune? New Mexico announces withdrawal from the border before Trump publishes his State of the Union address

The US Capitol Hill reported on the 6th that the US New Mexico Governor Grisham ordered the evacuation of most of the National Guards sent to the southern border of the state on Tuesday (5th) local time.

Glysham said some troops will remain in the southwestern part of the state to provide humanitarian assistance to immigrants and asylum seekers who have arrived in recent weeks.

The federal government believes that there is a serious national security crisis on the southern border. I oppose this statement. The southern border is one of the safest areas in the United States, Grisham said in a statement.

In addition to withdrawing most of the army, Grisham also asked for withdrawals from Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. The troops of these states were ordered by President Trump to be sent to the border in October last year.

The report said that just a few hours before Trump was preparing to publish his State of the Union address, Grisham announced the news. It is expected that border security issues will be put on the agenda at that time.

Grisham has a strategic vision. I am not surprised at all. She chose this time to post a message in order to send a message directly to the president. A senior Democrat commented on the matter.

The US Department of Defense announced on the 3rd that it will send 3,750 active soldiers to the US-Mexico border to assist the Department of Homeland Security in controlling the border. The Pentagon said in a statement: The latest US military mission is 90 days. We will continue to evaluate the composition of the force to ensure that it can complete the task of controlling the border.

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