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Russia started selling the first anti-monitoring mobile phone

Singapore Lianhe Zaobao on the 3rd, Russia has begun mass sales of Kruiz-K, an encrypted mobile phone that cannot be intruded and monitored, for about 85,000 rubles.

Rustec said that Kruiz-K is mass produced and supplied by our Avtomatika company. Individuals cannot purchase through retail channels, and legal persons can purchase any number of phones. We are unable to disclose technical details and this information is confidential. Due to the technical solutions and the proprietary technology that Avtomatika's R&D personnel have taken, the device cannot be invaded and monitored.

Avtomatika said that the phone owner, whether it is inside or outside the company, can be completely assured if the contact has the same IP phone; an IP address can connect up to 1000 phones.

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