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Members pressured twice, New York prison promised to resume power and heating on Monday

The US Federal Prison Administration said on the 2nd that the New York City Metropolitan Detention Center, which has been shut down for a week and has been out of power, is scheduled to resume heating and power supply on the 4th. After visiting the prison on the same day, the federal congressman and Democrat Nydia Velazques pointed out that the prison authorities did not take the prison situation seriously enough.

The prison had a wire fire on the 27th of last month, and heating, power and hot water supply were subsequently limited. Prisons suspended the recreational activities of prisoners and cancelled the meeting of lawyers and relatives.

The New York Times first disclosed on the 1st of this month that hundreds of prisoners had lived in the cold and dark for nearly a week. On the same day, Velazquez went to the prison to see. Her constituency includes the Brooklyn area where the prison is located.

Zelaskes heard the prisoners' slamming and slamming the wall in prison, bluntly saying that the prison situation was surreal. In her opinion, the warden did not deal with the problem with urgency, which was disappointing.

Because the prisoner did not allow Velazquez to talk to the prisoners on the 1st, she visited the prison with members of the House of Representatives representing the New York State, Democrat Jerry Nadler, and was allowed to talk to the prisoners.

Prison 2 said that an external contractor is installing a new switchboard, which is expected to be completed on the 4th. The Associated Press reported that the prison authorities claimed that the temperature of the cell on the 2nd was within an acceptable range, and the prisoners complained to Velazquez.

The prisoners were very, very angry and complained. Velazquez said that many members of the public have measured the indoor temperature in some cells and found that the temperature is about 9 degrees Celsius, sometimes there is no heating, and it is not balanced.

The situation in prison also raises concerns among activists. The US Civil Rights Agency, the New York Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement that in the coldest week of memory, the government's continued detention of prisoners in dark, cold prisons for many days was shocking. (王逸君)

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