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French media said that Mark Long is considering holding a referendum aimed at quelling demonstrations

China News Service, Paris, February 3rd French media local time on the 3rd said that French President Mark Long considered holding a referendum, aimed at quelling the wave of demonstrations that have lasted for more than two months.

The French Sunday newspaper reported the news on the 3rd, and the AFP and other media quickly followed up. The report quoted insiders from the French government as saying that Mark Long is considering holding a referendum to quell the demonstrations. The referendum may be held on May 26, which coincides with the time of the European Parliament elections.

The report said that the referendum may contain a number of issues involving French political, social and economic development, such as asking the French whether they agree to reduce the number of members and shorten the term of the members.

The report also quoted people around the president as saying that the demonstrations pose a great challenge to the government, and holding a referendum will hopefully restart the political mechanism and let the government regain control of the initiative.

When Mark was asked this week about the issue of a referendum, this was an option on the table. According to reports, French National Assembly Speaker Fei Lang and Interior Minister Castane and others supported the holding of a referendum.

The French government's Minister of European Affairs, Loisasso, said on the 3rd that Markron did not rule out any possibility, but it is not yet time to make a decision. The time for discussing whether to hold a referendum is still immature because The French national debate is still in progress.

The last referendum in France was held in 2005. When President Chirac accepted the EU constitutional treaty to refer to the French referendum, the referendum vetoed the treaty and caused Chirac to suffer.

The French media expects that if a referendum is held, Mark Long will formally make a decision after the national debate, which may be announced at the end of March.

The French National Debate began on January 15 and will last for two months. Mark Long has been involved in the debate for several weeks. But at the same time, the demonstrations continued. On the 2nd, there were thousands of demonstrations in Paris, against the excessive use of violence by the police.

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