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Iran demonstrates new cruise missiles claiming a range of 1,350 kilometers

Iran showed a new cruise missile on the 2nd, claiming that the missile has a range of 1,350 kilometers.

Showing this missile is at the 40th anniversary of Iran's victory in the Islamic Revolution. Iranian state television reported that Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami said at the launching ceremony that the ground-to-ground missile was fired on the same day and hit the target after flying 1200 kilometers.

Khatami said that the missile is called Hovejze and belongs to the Iranian-made Sumar cruise missile series. It can prepare for (very) launch in a short time, with low-altitude flight, combat fixed targets and resist electronic The ability to interfere.

The Iranian Ministry of Defence website publishes a video taken from multiple angles for 37 seconds. In the video, a missile landed somewhere in the desert.

The commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Air Defense Force, Amirari Hajizad, said at the launching ceremony that Iran has overcome the production challenges of cruise missile jet engines and is capable of manufacturing a wide range of cruise missiles.

The Associated Press reported that Iran has a missile with a range of up to 2,000 kilometers, which is enough to crack down on rivals Israel and the US military base in the Middle East.

US President Donald Trump announced in May last year that he would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear comprehensive agreement, claiming that the agreement is flawed, including no restrictions on Iranian ballistic missile projects.

Iranically tested ballistic missiles in recent years, and the United States repeatedly pointed out that Iran's test was in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Iran used a domestic launch vehicle to launch a satellite in mid-January this year, and the satellite did not enter the intended orbit. Before that, the United States warned Iran not to launch a launch vehicle, saying that launching a launch vehicle is almost identical to that used by an intercontinental ballistic missile, in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

The Security Council Resolution 2231 relates to the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement. With regard to the Iranian ballistic missile project, the resolution called on Iran not to engage in any ballistic missile-related activities capable of carrying nuclear weapons, including launching activities using such missile technology.

Iran said that the Iranian missile does not have the function of carrying nuclear weapons. The test launch does not violate the UN Security Council resolutions; the development of ballistic missiles is for self-defense and is an inalienable right of the Iraqi side.

Iran reached an Iran nuclear agreement with the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany in 2015. According to the agreement, Iran has restricted nuclear activities such as uranium enrichment, and the United Nations, the United States and the European Union have lifted the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq by the International Atomic Energy Agency. After the US exited the Iranian nuclear agreement last year, it fully resumed sanctions against Iraq. (Wu Baozhen) (Xinhua News Agency special feature)

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